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All draft plans have now been posted as layers in the Interactive Review Map. Go to the layers box at the right side of the page, scroll down to find the draft plans, and check to display whichever one you want to examine. You can zoom in and pan around to explore each plan in depth. Please keep in mind that many of the plans do not meet the basic legal criteria of districts that are population balanced and contiguous, and they are indicated as such.

For information on the source for each draft plan, please consult this table.

Each draft plan is also posted below as its own webpage. The draft plans have been reorganized to show neighborhood maps (for reference), district maps that meet minimum legal requirements, and district maps that do not meet minimum legal requirements. Click on any plan to see a large, high-resolution map image. There you can examine the demographics of that plan and leave any comments you might have about it. The City welcomes your feedback.

By providing for the opportunity to comment on this website, the City has determined that the comments and content posted here by members of the public shall be subject to any applicable provisions of the City’s Social Media Policies, including without limitation, that the City reserves the right to monitor, review, and moderate content and comments that violate the community standards identified in those policies.

Neighborhood Maps (for Reference)

District Maps that Meet Minimum Legal Requirements

District Maps that Do Not Meet Minimum Legal Requirements

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