An interactive version of the recently adopted map for the new Goleta City Council Districts is available here.

Beginning this November, the City will be divided into four districts, and voters in each district will elect a City Councilmember who lives in their own district. The Mayor will continue to be elected by voters across Goleta. Districting is important because it will determine how our neighborhoods will be represented on the City Council.

We are proud to say that after a comprehensive #DrawGoleta outreach campaign, the Goleta community stepped up and submitted more than 50 draft maps before the January 6 deadline. Those public maps, as well as 5 submitted by our demographics consultant, are available for review and comment.

At the February 3 Public Hearing, the Council requested a renumbered version of Plan 701. The Council selected this map at its next Public Hearing on February 24. They also selected an election sequence in which Districts 1 and 2 (the western districts) would be up for election in 2022, and Districts 3 and 4 (the eastern districts) would be up for election in 2024.

The Council next adopted a District Elections Ordinance at its March 1 meeting.  The Ordinance formally established the district boundaries and sequencing of the elections that the Council approved on February 24. The Council held a second reading of the Ordinance at its March 15 meeting.

Public participation has been a critical part of this historic process for our city, and we thank all who have contributed to this important process.

Thank you to everyone for helping us #DrawGoleta.